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The Sisters of Lambeth Palace

The Community of the Holy Name (CHN) Sisters have had a branch house - a cottage within the grounds- of Lambeth Palace since February 1994.

Sisters Lucie and MargaretTheir remit is to be a 'praying presence' which includes praying their daily offices, attending morning prayer and eucharist, leading evening prayer, care of the chapels and preparation for other services that may occur locally, nationally or worldwide. The sisters also help with certain aspects of Palace hospitality, such as attending some of the Archbishop's receptions.

They provide pastoral support for Lambeth Palace staff, ranging from pastoral care to the more esoteric such as attending to uniform repairs. The two Sisters at Lambeth are also involved in local parishes, both as members of the congregation (currently St Peter's Vauxhall and St John's Waterloo) and also serving on various church committees and assisting the clergy in specific projects.

They also take an active role in Sunday worship and volunteer in church projects such as the Robes Project night shelter. The sisters also support expressions of community life - the St Peter's Community, part of St Peter's Church, Vauxhall, and the Isaiah Community - a dispersed community committed to social justice, based at St John's Waterloo.

Volunteering in the wider community is an important part of their lives. Currently one sister helps out at a local charity shop and is a volunteer gardener at Lambeth Palace, while the other helps at the Confraternity of St James (which provides resources for those interested in pilgrimage).

The Sisters say their daily routine of prayer and hospitality is anything but dull and ordinary. They say it "keeps us happily anticipating the next encounter with those around us!'