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This is an archived website containing material relating to Dr Rowan Williams’ time as Archbishop of Canterbury, which ended on 31st December 2012

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This is a selective list of the Archbishop's more readily available publications.


Faith in the Public Square (London, 2012)

The Lion's World (London, 2012)

For All That Has Been,Thanks: Growing a Sense of Gratitude Rowan Williams& Joan Chittister (Norwich, 2010)

Crisis and Recovery:  ethics, economics and justice  Ed. with Larry Elliott (London, 2010)

A Margin of Silence: The Holy Spirit in Russian Orthodox Theology [in English and French] (Quebec, 2008)

Dostoevsky: Language, Faith and Fiction (London, 2008)

Wrestling with Angels: Conversations in Modern Theology (Norwich, 2007) [a further collection of theological essays – see On Christian Theology]

Tokens of Trust: An Introduction to Christian Belief (Norwich, 2007)

The Worlds We Live In: dialogues with Rowan Williams on global economics and politics  Eds: C Foster and E Newell (London, 2005)

Why Study the Past? (London, 2005)

Grace and Necessity: reflections on art and love (London and Harrisburg PA, 2005)

Christian Imagination in Poetry and Polity: some Anglican Voices from Temple to Herbert (Oxford, 2004)

Anglican Identities (London, 2004) [a collection of essays]

Silence and Honeycakes: the wisdom of the desert (Oxford, 2003)

——: US edn as Where God Happens: discovering Christ in one another (Boston MA, 2005)

——: Swedish trans. as Tystnad och honungskakor (Örebro, 2005)

The Dwelling of the Light: praying with icons of Christ (Norwich, 2003)

——: German trans. as Wo das Licht wohnt: Beitragen zu Christus-Iknonen (Göttingen, 2006)

——: Dutch trans. as Waar het licht woont: bidden met Christusiconen (Averbode, 2007)

Writing in the Dust: reflections on 11 September and its aftermath (London and Grand Rapids MI, 2002)

——: Cuban trans. as Escribiendo en el Polvo (Havana, 2003)

Ponder These Things: praying with icons of the Virgin (Norwich, 2002)

——: Polish trans. as 'Hodegitria', Zycie Duchowe, xxxvi (2003), 104—10

Love's Redeeming Work: the Anglican quest for holiness  Ed. with G Rowell and K Stevenson (Oxford, 2001) [incl. essay, 'The Anglican quest for holiness']

On Christian Theology (Oxford, 2000) [collection of seminal theological essays]

——: Russian translation (Moscow, 2004)

Lost Icons: reflections on cultural bereavement (Edinburgh, 2000; London, R/2003)

Christ on Trial: how the Gospel unsettles our judgement (London, 2000; Grand Rapids MI, 2002)

——: Italian trans. as Il Giudizio di Cristo: il processo di Gesù a la nostra conversione (Magnano, 2003)

——: Swedish trans. as Kristusdomen: när rätten spränger gränser (Stockholm, 2003)

Sergii Bulgakov: towards a Russian political theology (Edinburgh, 1999) [translated and edited texts with commentary]

Open to Judgement: sermons and addresses (London, 1994)

——: US edn as A Ray of Darkness (Cambridge MA, 1995)

——: Polish trans. as Sumienie otwarte (Poznan, 2005)

Teresa of Avila (London and Wilson CT, 1991; London and New York, R/2000)

Arius: heresy and tradition (London, 1987); reprinted with appendix (London, 2001; Grand Rapids MI, 2002)

The Truce of God (London and New York, 1983; update and reprint, Norwich and Grand Rapids MI, 2005)

Resurrection: interpreting the Easter Gospel (London, 1982; New York, 1984; 2/2002)

——: Cuban trans. as Resurreccion: interpretando el Evangelio Pascual (Havana, 2003)

——: Italian trans. as Resurrezione: intpretare l'evangelo pasquale(Magnano, 2004)

Eucharistic Sacrifice: the roots of a metaphor Grove Liturgy Study 31 (Bramcote, Notts, 1982)

The Wound of Knowledge: Christian spirituality from the New Testament to St John of the Cross (London, 1979, 2/1990)

——: US edition: Christian spirituality: a theological history from the New Testament to Luther and St John of the Cross (Atlanta, 1980), revised edition (Cambridge, Mass, 1991)

The Theology of Vladimir Nikolaievich Lossky: an exposition and critique [unpubd doctoral thesis, depos. Oxford, 1975]

——: Russian translation: Уильямс Роуэн. Богословие Владимира Лосского. Изложение и критика (Kiev, 2009)


Headwaters: Poems by Rowan Williams (Perpetua Press 2008)

The Poems of Rowan Williams (Oxford and Grans Rapids MI, 2002) [includes previous two volumes]

Remembering Jerusalem (Oxford, 2001)

After Silent Centuries (Oxford, 1994)