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This is an archived website containing material relating to Dr Rowan Williams’ time as Archbishop of Canterbury, which ended on 31st December 2012

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August 2012

Archbishop Rowan Williams on poet Dylan Thomas
Wednesday 1 August 2012
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, spoke about Welsh poet Dylan Thomas with Geoff Haden,…

July 2012

Telegraph interview with Archbishop: "The Lion's World"
Saturday 28 July 2012
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, talked to The Telegraph's Sameer Rahim about CS Lewis’s…

'Religion in Public Life' - Archbishop's conversation with Tony Blair and Charles Moore
Tuesday 24 July 2012
Archbishop Rowan Williams took part in a public conversation with the Rt Hon Tony Blair and writer and…

"Christian Beginnings" by Geza Vermes - Archbishop's book review
Saturday 14 July 2012
Archbishop Rowan Williams' review of "Christian Beginnings: From Nazareth to Nicaea, AD 30-325" by Geza…

'The Voice of God' on BBC Radio 4
Monday 2 July 2012
The Archbishop of Canterbury contributed to BBC Radio 4's 'The Voice of God', broadcast on Monday 2nd…

June 2012

Language under stress: poetry and faith
Wednesday 20 June 2012
Archbishop Rowan Williams met with poet and critic Fiona Sampson to discuss poetic and religious language…

Evening Standard interview with Archbishop Rowan Williams
Monday 18 June 2012
An interview by Richard Godwin, published in the Evening Standard.

May 2012

Archbishop of Canterbury talks about Macbeth
Tuesday 15 May 2012
As part of the BBC's 'Shakespeare Unlocked' season, Archbishop Rowan Williams was asked to speak about…

April 2012

Archbishop reviews books by Sandel and Skidelsky in Prospect magazine
Thursday 26 April 2012
In an article for Prospect magazine, Archbishop Williams reviews two recent and thought-provoking books…

Cathedral Conversations - Archbishop Rowan and John Gray on Belief and Belonging
Friday 6 April 2012
In a programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Good Friday, Archbishop Rowan Williams talks with philosopher…

March 2012

Archbishop speaks at Springfield Church, Surrey
Sunday 18 March 2012
The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke about his life and work as he answered questions in front of the Springfield…

Archbishop's interview with Press Association
Friday 16 March 2012
Archbishop Rowan Williams spoke to the Press Association following the announcement that he will step…

Archbishop on BBC Radio 3 - Vernon Watkins: Swansea's Other Poet
Sunday 11 March 2012
Archbishop Rowan Williams presents "Vernon Watkins: Swansea's Other Poet' in a programme broadcast on…

Archbishop's interview with Vatican Radio
Saturday 10 March 2012
On the first day of a 3-day visit to Rome, the Archbishop of Canterbury was interviewed by Philippa Hitchen…

Archbishop and Pope to pray together during Rome visit
Friday 9 March 2012
Archbishop Rowan Williams and Pope Benedict XVI will lead evening prayer together at the Church of San…

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