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This is an archived website containing material relating to Dr Rowan Williams’ time as Archbishop of Canterbury, which ended on 31st December 2012

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Archbishop attends Anglican Consultative Council in New Zealand

Saturday 27th October 2012

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, is attending the 15th meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC).

ACC-15 logoThe Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) works to facilitate the co-operative work of the churches of the Anglican Communion.  It promotes the exchange of information and co-ordinates common action. The ACC meets every two or three years in different parts of the world, with this meeting in Auckland, New Zealand, 27th Oct-7th Nov 2012, being the 15th meeting of the Council since it began.

More information abut the Anglican Consultative Council is available at the Anglican Communion website.


News from the Anglican Consultative Council

Archbishop's Presidential Address at the conclusion of ACC-15 - 04 November 2012

In his final Presidential address to the Anglican Consultative Council, the Archbishop this evening told the Anglican Communion not to accept second best, but to seek a balance between corrective authority and enabling authority while still doing God’s work. Listen to an audio recording or read more here.


Statement from The Anglican Consultative Council concerning those affected by Hurricane Sandy - 31 October 2012

The members of the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Auckland, New Zealand, today expressed their concern, compassion and prayers for all those caught up in the impact of Hurricane Sandy. Members heard of the scale of lives lost in the Caribbean, in the eastern USA and Canada, and of the devastation wrought in the wake of the hurricane.  Condolences were expressed to the Anglican Province of the West Indies, the Episcopal Church, the Anglican Church of Canada and the Diocese of Cuba.  Read the prayer used in ACC’s Evensong service here


Archbishop of Canterbury's ACC opening Eucharist Sermon - 28 October 2012

Archbishop Rowan Williams gave the sermon at the opening eucharist for the ACC-15 meeting at Auckland's Holy Trinity Cathedral.  Speaking on the Gospel reading, John 15.17-27, he said we all need to remember that while the world around us is a place where love is conditional, Jesus punctures that view of love. "The church is whatever in us says 'yes' to the reckless love of God, that reaches out in mission."  Listen to an audio recording of the Archbishop's sermon or read a transcript here.


Archbishop of Canterbury's response to Auckland welcome - 27 October 2012

Auckland's Anglican students welcomed Archbishop Rowan Williams with a Haka Powhiri at the start of the 15th meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council in New Zealand.  Dr Williams responded by thanking his hosts and celebrating the place of the Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia in the Communion's past and present.  Listen to an audio recording of the Archbishop's response or read a transcript here.


Youth to challenge Archbishop of Canterbury - 26 October 2012

The Archbishop will be greeted by a wero, a challenge, from young New Zealanders at the Anglican Consultative Council opening ceremony on 27th October. The opening event will include a conversation between young Anglicans and Dr Williams on any topic they think the church should care about. ...Read more here


Archbishop commemorates Sir Paul Reeves of New Zealand - 26 October 2012

Archbishop Rowan Williams paid tribute to Sir Paul Reeves in a special ceremony at St John's College, Auckland.   Sir Paul, who died in August last year, had been bishop, archbishop, Governor General of New Zealand, diplomat and advocate for his people. ...Read more here


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